vegan diet yes or no: the pros and cons of going vegan

Veganism is all the hype these days. Even power celebs like Ariana Grande, Beyonce and Mya have dabbled in the Vegan thing! But is Veganism for you? Here are the pros and cons of adopting a Vegan diet!

Vegan Diet Yes Or No: The Basic

Vegan diets are plant based diets that are void of any and all animal products. They strictly rely on vegetables, grains, fruits and other plants. Vegans do not consume any animal meats, poultry, eggs, or products containing animal byproducts.

Vegans enjoy a diet rich in vegetables like kale, sprouts and collard greens, nuts, seeds, and plant based proteins like soy and hemp. (check out my 50 Vegan Food Grocery List)

vegan diet yes or no

Hemp Hearts are a great source of protein for vegan! (copyright

A typical Vegan diet could include the following meals:

  • Overnight oats with raw nuts and berries and almond milk
  • A Vegan protein shake (vegan shakes are usually made from hemp, pea and rice protein)
  • Sweet potatoes served with a Vegan burger wrapped in lettuce leaves
  • A large salad made from kale, sprouts, broccoli,shredded beets, carrots, tomatoes and raw nuts served with a cashew or olive oil based salad dressing

Vegan diets can be very nutritious and healthy. They are generally vitamin and antioxidant rich. Some of the health benefits of vegan diets include:

  • Better cardiovascular health
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Better blood pressure
  • Can be Better for those with diabetes
egan diet yes or no

A vegan salad bowl! (copyright

Now, most vegans, going vegan is a very much a lifestyle change. Most vegan are very aware of their carbon foot print and are animal activists. They generally do not use any products that contain animal byproducts or are made by testing on animals. For example, they do not wear fur or use make up that has used animals in the manufacturing process.

Because Veganism generally requires a more drastic change in lifestyle, they  can be difficult to adapt. The is especially difficult for those who are used to eating meat and animal products like dairy.

Vegan Diet Yes or No: Pros Of Going Vegan

  • Can be highly nutritious: Vegan diets include a wider variety of vegetables and fruit which means an increased intake of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants! This is a super bonus for those who find it hard to get enough nutrition from their current diet!
  • More humane: If you love animals, then consider going Vegan! Vegan diets are the most humane as they are void of any animal products.
  • More environmentally friendly: A vegan diet is the most environmentally friendly! The average meat eater consumes 197 lbs of meat which comes at a huge cost to the environment. Simply put, eating meat consumes a lot of a natural resources while vegan 
  • Can be very tasty: With increased intake of delicious plant based foods (including a larger variety of vegetables, fruits and grains), vegan diets can be very delicious! I would recommend checking out a meal plan with some recipes to set you on the right path.

Vegan Diet Yes or N0: Cons of Going Vegan

  • Hard to plan meals: Although chances are you will get a hang of this in time, vegan diets can be hard to plan. It can be a challenge choosing the products that are animal free. I would suggest starting with a good vegan meal plan that includes suggestions for meals (like my plan here
  • Hard to get enough protein: Most vegans struggle with eating adequate amounts of protein. This is especially concerning for those who are trying to gain weight, as it is more difficult to hit macros. My suggestion would be to track your meals and add in a vegan shake to your diet! (also read my article on how to eat enough protein as a vegan)
  • Can be “carb heavy”: Vegans rely mostly on legumes, grains, vegetables and fruits for the bulk of their diet. As you have guessed it, all those foods include carbs. There is nothing wrong with an increased intake of carbohydrates. This can be problematic if those carbohydrates sources come from refined sugars and grains which lack any nutrition and can lead to bad weight gain. 
  • Can be difficult to adapt: As mentioned before, most vegans like to fully adapt a vegan lifestyle that is completely void of animal based products. This means changes in diet but also changes to how you dine outside, how you dress and what beauty products  you use.

In considering whether you should go vegan or not, its important to keep in mind your current lifestyle, your values (for example concern for animal safety), fitness goals and current health. Although it may be difficult switching to a vegan diet, it may be worth it.