Vegan Diet Health Benefits: 14 Reasons To Consider Ditching Meat


Vegan Diet Health Benefits

You may have considered the vegan thing, but perhaps are not fully convinced of the health benefits. Although I am not vegan, I have experimented with vegan diets and believe they can be a very good choice! There is a slew of good reasons to consider ditching meat and going vegan!

I wanna note that veganism is often not just about a diet but requires a lifestyle change. For those of you considering going vegan, read my 14 vegan diet health benefits list below! I hope it helps you decide whether a vegan diet is a good choice for you and your goals!

Vegan Diet Health Benefits: 14 Reasons To Consider Ditching Meat!

  1. Reduce Carbon footprint: Simply put, raising animals to feed us is very costly to the environment.  Animal based diets measure at 3.3 t CO2e, which is the HIGHEST carbon footprint of all diets! Animal based diets make up 60% of emissions. Vegan diets on the other hand have the LOWEST carbon footprint and are the most environmentally friendly.
  2. More Humane: If you are an animal lover, you may wanna consider a vegan diet (which is void of all animal products)! You can be rest assured that you are not contributing to the slaughter or torture of any animals!
    Vegan Diet Health Benefits

    Vegan diets are more humane! (copyright

  3. Taste: Vegans eat a rich diet full of colourful vegetables, legumes and grains! Vegan dishes and foods can be very delicious and satisfying!
  4. Increased Vitamin Intake: Vegan diets are rich in folate, magnesium, vitamin B, and vitamin E amongst many others. This is due to the larger intake of vegetables and fruits which are the biggest source of vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals. All of this means better overall health!
  5. Reduced Saturated Fats: Animal meats and dairy products are the biggest source of saturated fats in our diet. Once removed, you will be eating a lot less saturated fats which can lead to better cardiovascular and heart health.
  6. Increased Antioxidants Intake: Vegan diets are antioxidant rich as they include a large variety of fruits, vegetable and grains.
vegan diet health benefits

Vegan diets are antioxidant and vitamin rich! (copyright

  • Better Cardiovascular Health: Due to the elimination of animal products and heavy fats, vegan diets often lead to better cardiovascular health.
  • Better Cholesterol Health: Animal products are the biggest source of cholesterol in conventional diets. So if you are concerned about your bad cholesterol, then try adapting a vegan diet!
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Vegan diets often lead to lower blood pressure due to the lack of animal products.
  • Lower Incidence of Diabetes: Research has shown that vegan diets are the best for type 2 diabetes (and easier to follow!)
  • Better for Hair and Nails: Who doesn’t want better skin and nails? Vegans tend to experience better skin and health due to higher intake of vitamins A and E (amongst a few others!). Check out my article on better skin naturally)
  • Cataracts: It is well known that cataracts can be avoided by eating a larger variety of fruits and veggies (which contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!)
  • vegan diet health benefits

    Better eye health (copyright

  • Less Antibiotics and Growth Hormone: Dairy and animal meats often contain growth hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals. By removing them from your diet, you will be ingesting a lot of these harmful hormones (which means your will be less toxic overall!)
  • More Fiber: Vegan diets are very rich in both simple and complex carbohydrates including fruits, grains and vegetables. This means you will be naturally taking in more fibre which is great for digestion and colon health!
  • The vegan diet health benefits listed above are some great reasons to consider removing animals from your diet. But, also be aware of your lifestyle and goals! For some of you removing animal products may be challenging. Take a look at my article comparing the three major diets (vegan vs. vegetarian vs. conventional animal based diet)  which includes a pro and cons list of each diet!

    If you are considering going vegan and unsure where to start, take a look at my vegan meal plan (which includes instructions on how to plan your meals and what to eat at the most optimal times!)

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