Vegan Diet Grocery List: 50 Foods For All Vegans

vegan diet grocery list

Whether you are new to the Vegan thing or have been doing it a while, I know it can be difficult making the right choices! Thus, I’ve made a Vegan Diet Grocery List you can use! This list is good for those trying to lose weight, gain weight or maintenance.

I’ve categorized all foods (to make it easier to envision the great meals you can make with them!)

Vegan Diet Grocery List: 7 Little Known Tricks To Make Your Vegan Diet Healthier

Vegan diet tend to be very carb centric but with a few small tweaks they can be VERY healthy and nutritious! They can help you lose weight, reduce cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health and lower incidence of diabetes.

Here area few little known tricks I’ve used my vegan clients to help them make their diet healthy and nutritions!

  1. To ensure you are getting enough protein, add nuts and seeds to EVERYTHING! … and I really mean everything! That’s the BIGGEST trick to making sure you are getting enough protein on a vegan diet
    Vegan Diet Grocery List

    Add nuts and seeds to everything! (copyright

  2. Enjoy a LARGE variety of vegetables: To ensure your are getting optimal amounts of vitamins and minerals, include a large variety of vegetables. Make sure to include vegetables in our colours (green, yellow, red, orange…)
  3. Reduce refined grains and wheat products: One the biggest concerns with vegan diets is that they tend to be very starchy. This is because most vegans rely on refined grains like pasta and white rice for their calories intake. Try to remove all refined grains (including pasta, couscous, white rice, cereals and breads) and replace them with unrefined whole foods like sweet potatoes, squash, brown rice and quinoa.
Vegan Diet Grocery List

Reduce refined grains and eat more unrefined whole grains! (copyright square space)

  • Stay away from processed, sugary treats: Just because the label says vegan doesn’t mean it’s good for you! Yes, I am totally talking about that Nutella!
  • Log your foods: The only way to ensure you are hitting all your macros and getting adequate amount of calories for your goals is to log your food! Use an app like Fitness Pal to keep track of your meals.
  • Have a plan: Start with a good meal plan! A good meal plan can help you plan out your meals ahead of time and teach you what supplements to include. I would suggest using my Vegan meal plan or you can consult with a nutritionist for a customized plan. Remember planning leads to success!
  • vegan

    Start with a good meal plan!

  • Supplement with a quality Vega protein powder: Vegans often struggle with getting adequate amounts of protein! To hit your daily protein intake, Invest in a plant based protein powder. Some of my fave Vegan protein brands include BodyLogix Vegan Protein, Vegan and Sunwarrior. (ps. also check out my post on Vegan Protein Options)
  • … and now to the list!

    Vegan Diet Grocery List: 50 Vegan Friendly Diet Food

    This list is one that can used by all vegans! Make sure to DOWNLOAD a PDF version here!


    1. Vegan protein powder
    2. Pumpkin seeds
    3. Sunflower seeds
    4. Natural Almond or Peanut butter
    5. Hemp hearts
    6. Chia seeds
    7. Raw nuts
    8. Adzuki beans
    9. Black beans
    10. White Beans
    11. Chickpeas
    12. Tempeh
    13. Tofu
    14. Ives Kale Bites
    15. Vegan Burgers 

    Carbohydrates and Veggies:

    1. Kale
    2. Oats
    3. Quinoa
    4. Broccoli
    5. Collard Greens
    6. Black bean pasta
    7. Snow peas
    8. Sprouts
    9. Bell peppers
    10. Carrots
    11. Sweet potatoes or yams
    12. Spinach
    13. Squash
    14. Whole Grain Brown Rice
    15. Buckwheat
    16. Green Peas


    1. Blueberries
    2. Raspberries
    3. Blackberries
    4. Kiwi
    5. Apples
    6. Pears
    7. Strawberries
    8. Gojji berries

    Additional stuff!

    1. Vegan cheese
    2. Vegan (cashew/almond/ coconut) Yogurt
    3. Sea veggies
    4. EEAs
    5. Kimchi or Sauerkraut  (for probiotics)
    6. Popcorn
    7. Vegan protein bars
    8. Coconut oil
    9. Hot Sauce (..cause hot sauce goes with everything!)
    10. Raw flax seed


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