Hey guys!

It’s Lyzabeth Lopez. I’m writing to let you know that you’re about to be upgraded to the new TrainWithLyzabeth.com members site. Thank you so much for being amazing members and I hope you’ve enjoyed the program. This new site has some new features including pdf worksheets that you can print off and use during your workouts (found on the page of each workout day). There are also a few ‘Tips from Lyzabeth’ videos including a full 1 hour nutrition lecture. Your success tracker and eating plan will be kept in the downloads section in case you ever misplace them.

The site is fully mobile and much easier to use on the go that the old IG page. All workouts, worksheets, videos etc can come with you on your phone anywhere!

The IG page will be taken down on March 1st and become an open page, so you must opt into the new site to continue to use all the videos & training. We’ve worked super-hard on this upgrade and with this new site, look forward to future upgrades as well. Your user name and password will be sent to you within 24-48hrs, please be sure to save these, login and opt into the newsletter to get other tips and notices on the program.

Thank you so much guys & Happy Training!!

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