Train With Lyzabeth – Day 3

Hourglass Shoulders

= play workout video

10g BCAA throughout w/o, 2L water

Warm up

Rowing Machine5 min (no video)
Foam roller upper body2 min
Upper body joint mobility 2 min
Halo2 min

Super Set #1 (2 sets)

Cable external shoulder rotation – 10 reps/arm
Side lying external shoulder rotation 10 reps per arm
Bench v-ups 20 reps fast & 10 reps slow

Super Set #2 (3 sets)

Bent Arm (90 Degree Angle) Side Lateral Raises –  10-15 reps
Shoulder Press – 10-15 reps
► Stability Ball Prone V-Ups -10-15 reps
► Push ups –  15 reps


Super Set #3 (3 sets)

►  Upright barbell rows (can also be done w dumbbells or cables)15 reps
  I.Y.T’s 5 sets
►  Weighted ab crunch on the ball – 20 reps

Tabata (1 set)

Clean & Press 8 rounds of 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds rest

Push Up Drill (1 set)
►  30 wide grip/ 30 medium grip/ 30 narrow grip – push up

5 grams post workout glutamine

Congratulations! You’ve Completed Day 3

Videos & Exercise Instructions

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Foam Roller Upper Body
Weights/Reps:  2 minutes
Work on the upper back, lower back, shoulders and arms as necessary.


  • Focus on the areas that are tight.
  • You can do short rolls, you can also hold the roller on an area that feels tight until it relaxes.

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Upper Body Joint Mobility


  • Use a light bar or a towel and go overhead and back.
  • If you don’t have any of these, you can do arm circles in place of this.

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Reps: 5-8 Halo’s in each direction
Weights: 12-20lbs dumbbell or kettle bell


  • It’s very important to get your shoulders ready for the workout prior to starting. Halo’s are great for strengthening while increasing mobility and getting your muscles ready for the workout ahead.
  • This is usually done with a kettle bell, but it can also be done with a dumbbell.
  • When doing this, aim for full range of motion in each direction.

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Cable External Shoulder Rotation:
10 reps/ arm

Beginner – 5-7lbs/ arm
Intermediate – 7-12 lbs/ arm
Advanced – 10-17.5 lbs/ arm
Lyzabeth – 10 – 20 lbs/ arm


  • Set the cable attachment to elbow height. Use the handle attachment. (if you don’t have cables, you can use a strength band in it’s place (long thick stretchy elastic band).
  • Form checks: keep your elbow close to the body and flex your shoulder and back at the contraction part of the movement. Please note that these are very small muscles and this should be done slow and controlled feeling every part of the movement!

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Side Lying External Rotation of the Shoulder

Reps:10 reps/ arm

Beginner – 2 lbs/ arm
Intermediate – 3-5 lbs / arm
Advanced – 5-10 lbs / arm
Lyzabeth – 5-10 lbs / arm


  • Lie on your side in a comfortable stable position, I like to bring one knee far forward for stability.
  • Form check, it is important to tuck your elbow into your side, keep your elbow at a 90 degree angle and focus into the flex. Be sure to go heavy enough to feel it
  • Control the eccentric down phase as well taking 2-3 seconds to return to start position.

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Bench V-Ups
10-15 reps

Beginners: 5lbs/ arm
Intermediate: 8- 10lb/arm
Advanced: 10- 15lb/arm
Lyzabeth: 10- 15lbs/arm


  • This is a different version of the typical side – lateral raise where the elbows stay at a 90 degree angle.
  • Ensure you keep your chest lifted and your shoulders rolled back throughout the movement .

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Bent Arm (90 Degree Angle) Side Lateral Raises

10-15 reps

Beginners: 5lbs/ arm
Intermediate: 8- 10lb/arm
Advanced: 10- 15lb/arm
Lyzabeth: 10- 15lbs/arm


  • This is a different version of the typical side – lateral raise where the elbows stay at a 90 degree angle.
  • Ensure you keep your chest lifted and your shoulders rolled back throughout the movement.

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Shoulder Press (military press)
Reps: 10-15 reps
Beginner: 8-12 lbs/ arm
Intermediate: 12-20 lbs / arm
Advanced: 20-40 lbs / arm
Lyzabeth: 25-40 lbs / arm


  • This is a seated over-head shoulder press.
  • Weights should stay in line with the side of your cheeks
  • Chest should stay lifted and shoulders are rolled back, abs are pulled in.

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Stability Ball Prone V-Up + Push Ups

Reps: 10-15 reps


  • This is an advanced exercise. If you’re not ready for the full movement, you can take out the push up and just do the v-up (then you can do the push ups separately on a mat).
  • Be sure to engage your abs and flex them at the top of the movement.

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Push Ups

Reps: 15 reps
Weights:  Bodyweight



  • Try to bring your chest right to the floor on each rep
  • Keep your neck and spine in neutral. .


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Upright Barbell Rows

Reps: 15 reps
Weights:  Beginners: 10 – 20lbs
Intermediate: 20-30lbs
Advanced: 30-50lbs
Lyzabeth: 40-50lbs


  • This exercise can be done with a barbell (as I show), kettle bells, on the cable machine or with dumbbells.
  • Work to get your elbows up high and flex and then control your way back down inhaling.
  • The first time you try this, please try it with a trainer so they can show you how to angle your shoulders and elbows for safety.

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Weighted Ab Crunch On The Ball

Reps: 20 reps
Weights:  Beginner: 0 lbs
Intermediate: 8 lbs
Advanced: 15 lbs
Lyzabeth: varies

Tips: It is important that you do the following cues:

  1. Back in the middle of the ball
  2. Relax at the bottom of the movement
  3. Inhale and slowly curl into an ab crunch KEEPING YOUR BRA STRAP AREA ON THE BALL! Only curl your shoulders off the ball, not your back (that stays on the ball.
  4. Flex your glutes, pull your ribs together and drop your belly button down to spine to super contract your abs!
  5. Inhale to come back to start position. If you can do this and feel your abs flex, then and only then, add a weight as I show in the video.

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Reps: 5 IYT’s per set
(1 rep is equal to: one I, one Y & one T)
Weights:  Beginner: 0-2 lbs/ hand
Intermediate: 2-5 lbs/ hand
Advanced: 5-8 lbs/ hand
Lyzabeth: 5-8 lbs/ hand


  • The IYT is named for the how the move looks in the top of the movement, kind of like in cheerleading… your arms for an I, Y, and T formation at different points of the movement (see video for visual of this).
  • The 15 required reps will equal 5 – I, Y, T’s (NOT 15 of each type). This exercise is best done either on an incline bench or if you have to, you can do it kneeling over a stability ball. The bench is much preferred if possible.
  • On the bench, (you can’t see my feet in the video), but you can either put your knees on the bench which has more lower back engagement, or what I do – straddle the bench placing feet firmly on the ground.

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Reps: 8 rounds – 20 seconds of work/ 10 seconds of rest

Set up your ‘Tabata Pro’ Timer as follows:

Prepare: 0:00
Work 00:20
Rest 00:10
Cycles 08
Tabata 01
Weights:  Beginner: 20 lb barbell
Intermediate: 30 lb barbell
Advanced: 30-50 lb barbell
Lyzabeth: 40-50 lb barbell


    • Please only do this exercise if you have previously done clean&press with a trainer. This is not something to learn from a video as done incorrectly, you could hurt yourself. If you do not know how to do this exercise, you can do close grip shoulder press in place of the clean and press with the same rest/sets/reps
    • For the work phase, go as fast as you can for 20 seconds with good safe form, take 10 seconds full rest, and repeat for 8 rounds.

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Push Up Drill

Reps: 30 wide grip/ 30 medium grip/ 30 narrow grip – push-ups


  • This is the finisher, try to do all 30 push ups without stopping, chest to the floor!
  • You can do these from your toes or your knees.
  • Keep your core engaged
  • Try to only rest between the three grip changes.