Here it is!!! All the secrets you need to build a rounder booty in the gym along with a sexy Hourglass silhouette!

No more training hard and losing your bum or getting a straight or boxy shape. This plan includes all your training and easy to follow healthy tasty eating plan!! It’s your all in one Sexy Hourglass Shaping How-To Kit!

» 20 Intense Curve Creating Workouts!

» Build Your Glutes and Cinch Your Waist

» For Women of All Body Types!


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What is the ‘Hourglass-Shaper’ and will it work for you?

Over the past 15 years I’ve worked with and helped transform the bodies of 10’s of thousands of women. But the tools I use to make these transformations did not come easy, in fact it’s taken more than a decade to create and perfect them. {Back in the early days as a personal trainer and aspiring fitness competitor, I did what most trainers did. I put my clients looking to lose weight on traditional resistance training programs 10-15 reps, 3-4 sets of each exercise with long duration cardio, and reduced calorie diets and or low-carb diets like we were taught to do} –> Back in the early days, I didn’t fully understand the principals of shaping the woman’s body. I knew that cardio, reduced sugar and resistance training would make someone leaner and more toned, but the ratios, which types, time of day etc all were still trial and error in attempts to get the perfect Hourglass Shape.

Treating myself like a Guinea pig, I went from training extremely heavy squats, leg press, dead lifts and other the other big lifts with the goal of a bigger butt and followed almost ‘bodybuilder’ perfect meal plans filled with chicken, asparagus, protein shakes, bars and other ‘leaning & toning foods’ with dreams of a feminine silhouette and a big booty. This was not what I got at all!!! I ended up with hugely disproportionate thighs, and an even flatter bum from all the dieting and compound leg movements with no ‘real glute isolating exercises’ in addition to overdoing cardio.

After this massive fail in my attempts at the perfect Hourglass Body, I was deeply saddened that my thighs had gotten so big, that none of my pants fit anymore! Sigh…. So, I researched again to learn that running could lean out the legs. So, on a mission to reduce the size of my legs, I stopped ALL lower body weight training to try to balance out my muscular pear shape and starting running 1-2 hours a day and became the ‘Cardio Queen’! My thighs got much smaller, going from 24.5 inches / per leg to 19 inches per leg. Everything actually got much smaller, including my glutes, and while I liked being slimmer, I still did not feel curvy the way that I wanted to be and it was very time consuming and I was worried about the long term effect from all this cardio without the resistance training.

So I decided to go back to the drawing board once again. I started to research isolated glute specific movements, various angles to hit each side of the glutes, a mix of compound movements that could be mixed in for overall leg shaping without over-powering the lower half and different types of cardio that could assist in over-all glute development. This took a few years to really come up with the best of the best exercises, combinations, durations, order of exercises, types of resistance and cardiovascular training types, amounts for lean, fit, but not bulky legs, a round booty, a small waist and fit upper body.

I put this training plan into action not just on my clients, but on myself as well. I had all different ‘start body types’, apple, pear, skinny fat, heavy set, etc. Different body types did require different training styles and plans, so I created modifications depending on the start body-type as I wanted the plan to be based on reshaping the natural body shape through ‘hourglass shape-training’ techniques for everybody type. I eventually had this down to a science and understood exactly what to do to reshape any body-type to train their body for sexy hourglass shaping.

Lyzabeth-156retNext up was an eating plan over-haul! In my past, I’ve been though everything from severe anorexia through most of my teens and into my 20’s (I almost died), I moved into intense cleanses, a vegan diet, raw diet, ketogenic diet, etc, etc. I used dangerous fat burners, lived on asparagus and chicken breasts, etc etc. I had tried every weight loss and muscle gain diet out there only to go up and down the scale feeling like a very ‘hunger winner’ when I was losing weight and a ‘defeated slob’ when I gained it back again. I studied Health Science in school which helped pull me out of these detrimental diets, but, it wasn’t until one day, when I started to get a terribly bloated belly and I just couldn’t figure out that I decided that I needed to go back to school to figure this out as nothing that I learned seemed to be helping. After some research, I decided to enroll in a Holistic Nutrition College to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. This course was a huge eye opener for me. I combined my knowledge of fitness show prep, Health Sciences and my new love of Holistic Nutrition and became the healthiest I’d ever been! I cured my bloated belly and got back to my 25 inch waist, increased my energy, looked younger, felt great got and stayed leaner all the time while still enjoying chocolate, desserts, carbs and other foods that I thought I could not enjoy if I wanted to look lean. I love the food I’m eating, I’m not starving or depriving myself. The food is delicious and it’s real whole foods. I’ve never felt so healthy in my entire life.

Now with the arsenal of the perfect ‘hourglass shape-training’, and holistic eating plan, I had created the bible of how to get lean sexy curves! I was looking and feeling great, my clients loved their new bodies, my fitness models were winning almost every show they entered and a good chunk of them wanted to give up their careers as doctors, chef’s, real estate agents, teachers, nurses etc to become trainers. They loved how good that they felt, that they now wanted to share it too as it had become their new ‘feel-good’ passion.

The program became so high in demand with over 100 women on my personal training waiting list and weekend courses that I would run full with wait lists of women wanting to fly in from all over the country, that I decided to leave my full time job oversee all policy writing for the Fitness Dept of the City of Toronto Municipal Government and start my own Hourglass Workout Gym. I now have roughly 150-200 women each month with me in my classes and have since created a certification on Hourglass Training and certified some of my transformation winners turned trainers to open more studios. Now there are 11 Hourglass Workout Gyms and growing filled with women following the Hourglass Workout program to get health and build those sexy curves. It’s amazing and we have roughly 50 new Transformation Winners each and every year (I hold transformation challenges every three months with my clients)! See some before/afters at . It has been an amazing ride and I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work with these women.

Now, with a whole new level of media attention, my Hourglass-shaping technique has been featured on the Steven & Chris Show, ETalk, E! Entertainment, Dr. 90210, and Cosmopolitan Magazine, just to name a few. My social media has grown to well over One Million Followers just sharing my training tips & advice. The requests from around the world have been growing at a phenomenal rate! So, I finally decided to create an all-inclusive program that could be done by anyone at their gym right where they live. I do love workout equipment, so I do plan to create an at home program, but, I felt my first on-line training program would be in the gym as I feel that gym equipment does give the best results for the proper growth/development of the glutes which is a huge proponent of this program. I am a straight shooter and I will only promote and create products that I really believe will work, and I do 100% believe in the quality that you will get from this program by following the eating plan and the intense gym workouts! These are REAL workouts that I actually do myself and with my clients. Leg Day 1 of the program is a huge favorite of all of my clients… some of them say their bum grows just from doing it once, lol.

It’s been a long journey for me going from anorexic body-hating teenager, to over-dieting fitness model, to flat-butt cardio queen, to where I am today loving and understanding food, loving my workout and loving and accepting my body with all it’s curves and thickness. Learning from my mistakes has been an understatement in my journey, but I am so happy for everything that I went though, because it brought me to the understanding that I have today. I am so happy to be able to finally share this program with my sisters across the world. I’ve had thousands of women successfully come through my program in Toronto over the last 8 years since I created the Hourglass Workout™, so making it available on-line finally, makes me so happy. I know you will love it! I’m so excited for your Hourglass Body Transformation to begin. This is not a destination, but a journey for you to learn about your body, how to eat and train for your healthiest you ever. This is not a workout, It’s a Lifestyle and I hope you will join me in it.

What You Get and Why This Program Works

“Lyzabeth is Internationally known for understanding the woman’s body like no other trainer. She is the master of women’s training!”

  • This program is power packed with 20 intense curve-creating workouts!
  • The workouts include 10 leg-days that focus on Lyzabeth’s personal Booty Building exercises!
  • Over 200 – 15 second voice over video tutorials
  • You get to choose from 6 different eating plans to chose the best one for you!
  • All eating plans are based on eating whole real food! NO diet food! NO low-cal, low-fat food! Just REAL whole foods!
  • This is a life-style plan! Never diet again! LOVE your workout program like never before!
  • Follow your progress with our success tracker.
  • Enjoy Lyzabeth’s AMAZING healthy recipes!!!

Build Your Best Hourglass Curves, Ever!

Choose a Plan That’s Right for You.

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The classic plan is the MOST POPULAR plan, and was created for those who are looking to gain muscle & tone and lose fat! This is the plan that Lyzabeth follows herself.

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The muscle building plan is best for those that are hard-gainers or skinny fat and have trouble putting on weight. This plan will help you to gain weight/muscle while losing fat.

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The vegan plan supports fat loss & muscle gain. It is 100% vegan (no foods from animals whatsoever).

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The vegetarian plan supports fat loss & muscle gain goals. The plan includes: fish, whey protein, bee pollen, honey, etc). It does not include: poultry, meat, game.

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The hypothyroid plan is created for those looking to lose fat & gain muscle. It will only be helpful for those that actually have issues with hypothyroidism.

Important Note: The Hypothyroid plan is not a substituted for medical treatment and we do recommend that you show it to your doctor before starting.

A Word From Some of the Girls Who Have Changed Their Lives!


Safiya is a busy executive and a long time Personal Training, Hourglass Workout, and TrainWithLyzabeth client who put in work to perfect her physique on and off the stage. Safiya not only created her perfectly sculpted Hourglass Body, with Lyzabeth’s trade – 6-pack abs and bubble butt, but she’s kept up the beautiful shape for over four years and is now an inspiration for so many other girls around her. Safiya is the epitome of a true fitspiration.

Jammie is a long time Hourglass Girl training with Lyzabeth, but the awesome results of these pics were achieved in just three months. Ladies, you do not have to lose your booty when you work out. As you can see Jammie’s already awesome glutes lifted and sculpted with Lyzabeth’s intense leg/glute training techniques and specialized muscle building eating plan. The very beautiful Jammie is rocking those sexy curves! This just shows what a women with already good genetics can do with this program.
Chynna is a mama with now two little babies, and a hot mama she is! Chynna trained hard using Lyzabeth’s heavy weight Hourglass Body sculpting techniques to build a strong sexy feminine curvy body naturally cinching her waistline and building her legs and booty with muscle. Chynna really increased her strength using incredibly heavy weights. Ladies, don’t be afraid to lift heavy! Once you learn proper form, and lift safely, heavy weight used correctly on the right exercises will build your body sexy!
Marina is a long time client of Lyzabeth’s who loves using the TrainWithLyzabeth program. As a 50 years young women, (I know, you’d never know looking at her as she still looks 25).. this beautiful woman worked hard to lift that butt and add some sexy curves to it using Lyzabeth’s glute building training techniques. Marina is a true inspiration to every woman that she meets by embodying a healthy lifestyle (body and attitude). No excuses ladies, you can do it too!
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Lyzabeth has over 15 years of on-going certifications and schooling as well as training trainers on a number of fitness modalities.

Current Awards and Certifications


  • Phys Ed Degree (Kinesology)
  • ACE Personal Trainer 1998
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • PRO Fitness Model/ PRO Bikini/ PRO Fitness Competitor
  • Poliquin BioSignature
  • Advanced Pilates Certification
  • National Coaching Certification Level 3
  • Kettle Certified Coach (sports kettle bell)
  • Dymnaic Training Certification
  • Aerobics Certification
  • Spinning Certification
  • Tabata, HIIT and Drill training
  • 10 years as a Gymnastic Coach w Club Level Girls OGF2

What Do You Need to Do This Program?

a smart phone or computer (to view videos)
a gym membership (most workouts take place in a gym setting)
a positive attitude

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