Learn What is Stopping You From Having a Flat Belly & a Six Pack.

It’s time to lose that stubborn belly fat and put an end to feeling bloated.

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The Flat Belly Challenge is a holistic based approach to getting a flat belly for life!!

What you get:

✓   My tried and true FLAT BELLY CHALLENGE guide
✓   Your 30 day Gut Healing Elimination Diet (you get both vegan & classic versions). These plans are macroed, and include your grocery shopping lists, recipes and cook schedule. 

✓   Roughly four hours of chaptered audios teaching you about how your body works so you understand how to get and keep a flat belly. 
✓   Weekly email motivation for the 30 days 
✓   Access to the TWL community support page on facebook 

✓   Bonus: Mini-video demonstrations of all my favorite ab exercises to help you cinch your waistline


✓ 12 chapter recordings with corresponding guide (listen anywhere podcast style) *roughly 4 hours of content
✓ Learn what may be holding you back from a flat belly for life and how to fix it!
✓  Learn about flat belly foods - what are they? how they work?
✓  Learn about organisms that may be living in your gut causing you sugar cravings, gas, bloating and more, how to identify them, kill them and keep them away for good.
 ✓ Learn how to recognize food sensitivities that may be causing belly bloat and how to potentially reverse their effects

✓ Learn easy tricks to heal your gut so you can enjoy foods you could not have previously eaten
✓ Learn about how diet, cardio and training works for a flat belly and my favorite exercises for cinching your waist.
✓ Get a full 30 day elimination diet to identify foods that may be causing belly bloat
✓ Access to our twl community Facebook group for extra support
✓ One time fee, lifetime access to full program

What it isn’t: 

This is not a low calorie quick weight loss program, or cardio based program to get thin quick… only to leave you to bounce back as soon as you finish!