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I was scared to post this BUT I am proud of my progress this far. And the girls from my #TWL fam have motivated me, what an amazing group of ladies! 🤗 September 2016 is when I started working out at @hourglassworkout and Jan 2017 (now) is my BEFORE pics for the next challenge. Long term goal is by my 25th birthday this October, so slow and steady. More lean, more muscle, more abs & more booty! Lol. 💪🏽 Hope this inspires you to work on yourself and if you need more inspiration, listen to @amandaaa_jean , fellow @trainwithlyzabeth girl: ✨ "Everyone's before pics are scary!! That's why they are before pics. That's why we are doing this challenge. That's why we are in this group, to motivate each other, to help change lives, to make those before pics just that, before pics! We want those after pics!!! Before pics are scary because they are real!!! Your journey is real! Your testimony will be real! It is those scary before pics and AMAZING after pics that inspire and encourage people to change their lives." – Amanda Smith ❤

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#transformationtuesday check out @dub_foust incredible transformation with our online training program. She used my award winning online training program #trainwithlyzabeth😘😘 The program includes 20 of my personal intense gym workouts that I use myself. With over 200 tutorial vids, worksheets, eating plan of your choice: vegan, vegetarian, classic, muscle building or hypothyroid, (I'm a registered holistic nutritionist). The plans also include lots of my recipes, holistic supplement plan, nutrition and diet vid 'how to's in the members area and more😄🙌 The whole program can be used on mobile 📱📱📱 so you can bring it anywhere. Get it all at 💥TrainWithLyzabeth.com #trainwithlyzabeth🍑🍑🍑

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#transformationtuesday 💪💪💪 @sissathebeast incredible progress using the TrainwithLyzabeth.com Award Winning online 🍑❤️ program (link in bio)!!!. So inspiring!!!! The pic on the left her first day of the program January 2 and pic on the right was February 27. This online, mobile ready lifetime membership includes all your training guides, a healthy eating plan, access to our NEW private Facebook group, printable cheat sheets, and more fun curve building tools 🍑🍑🍑 Come join the @trainwithlyzabeth community. . . . .Also, checkout all our GTA, Montreal & International in-person classes @hourglassworkout.com for a in-person FREE Trail Class!! 😍😘💪🏽👙🍑 #trainwithlyzabeth #hourglassworkout #teamhourglass

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Before/ After TWL – Fulvia

Before/ After TWL – Samantha Longo

Before/ After TWL- Neisha

Before / After TWL – Laura Arias

Before/ After TWL – Valerie De Va Mendez

Before / After TWL – Christina

Before / After TWL – Green Latina

Before / After TWL – 2

Before / After TWL – Leanne Pettigrew

Before/ After TWL – Jeanne

Before/ After TWL – 3

Before/ After TWL – Santi Vargas

What Bloggers Are Saying About TWL!

“The Lyzabeth Lopez program are designed for ladies who are looking for LONG term results. It a program that helps ladies BUILD curves not just get skinny… it challenges you and your body. And best of all it includes holistic, real food meal plans that teach you how to eat well for the rest of your life.”

“In my opinion, this program is a steal at $150! If your goal is to create or accentuate your curves while getting stronger, then TWL is for you! You’re not just following a workout and diet plan, you are learning valuable information and building confidence one workout at a time, and that to me is priceless”

“I would give this program a solid 5 out of 5 stars. The workouts are fun, challenging and creative. My fave part of the program is that it comes with instructions so you are never left hanging!”

Hourglass Body, Hourglassbody.com

“As a blogger and fitness enthusiast, I’ve researched and looked at MANY online training programs (including the ones offered by Shredz athletes). In comparison, TWL is WORLDS away!”

Curls & Kicks, Curls&Kicks.com

What You Get and Why This Program Works

  • This program is power packed with 20 intense curve-creating workouts

  • The workouts include 10 leg-days that focus on Lyzabeth’s personal Booty Building exercises

  • Over 200+ Exercise Video Tutorials

  • Complete Holistic Eating Plan: classic, vegan, vegetarian, muscle building, or hypothyroid

  • All eating plans are based on eating whole food. NO diet/low-cal/low-fat food. Just REAL whole foods!

  • Access to a private Facebook Group with thousands of curve building ladies

  • Follow your progress with our success trackers, printable guides and cheat sheets

  • Enjoy Lyzabeth’s AMAZING healthy recipes and more!

I’ve Helped 10’s of Thousands of Women Achieve Their Best Body and You Can Be Next.

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